A seagull dodges
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A seagull dodges
Shuhei Ueoka
iOS Universal
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◆Basic Rules
The time limit is about 60 seconds, and even if you fail, you can immediately retry. If you fail, you can retry again immediately. - Try to get as many coins as possible to beat your personal best. There are three levels to choose from, so you can choose the difficulty level that suits you best. You can choose from three levels of difficulty.

Use the joystick at the bottom left to move the seagull.

Coins: Increase your score. Yellow is +5, orange is +10, and green is +25 points.
Blue bubble: Creates a barrier around the seagull and allows it to survive even if it is hit by a red bubble only once.
Flash: Wipes out all red bubbles on the screen.
What's new in v1.0.1
Fixed a bug where ads were not displayed.
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    January 21 2021
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    January 16 2021