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Double your pleasure, double your fun with Double Freecell! If you just love classic freecell, up your freecell game with this brand new variation on 247 Freecell. Add an extra deck of cards to the classic favorite freecell and you'll have Double Freecell. It's almost like you're playing two freecell games in one. Complete the upper foundations by suit, ace to king, once, and then do it all over again on top of that complete foundation! Move all the cards into those foundations by suit, ace to king, then ace to king again to win the game! This freecell game will take lots of time and patience but it's a fun game and the joy you will feel with a victory is awesome!

Solitaire Rules
- Foundations (8 piles: complete these piles to win the game)
Build up in suit from Ace to King (for example, a 2Heart Suit can be played on an AceHeart Suit).

- Cells (or Reserve; 8 cells)

These are the "cells". These cells are storage (holding) locations for cards being played to the foundations and the tableau.

Cards in these cells can be moved to the foundations and the tableau.

Cells can only hold one card at a time.

- Tableau (10 columns, below foundations and cells)

Build down in alternating colors (for example, a 10Spades Suit can be played on a JackHeart Suit).

The top card of each pile is available for play on another tableau pile, the foundations or the cells.

Move groups of cards if they are in sequence and if there are enough free cells that the cards could be moved individually.

Spaces may be filled with any card.
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