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Adorapp - Time to be Adorable
Ranadeep Meenagoni
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Made In India Video Recording app with advanced features.

Ador –An ultimate platform to showcase your talent to the World. Ador is an iOS media app that can be used for creating and sharing short videos. It allows users(you peoples) to create short videos with music, filters, lip synchronisation tracks, and all other fully loaded features. You may showcase some special talent — drawing, painting, gymnastics, dance, or skateboarding, and whatnot. You can do science experiments, make jokes, or use special effects for a little video magic. Sky is the limit my peoples, Sky is the limit. Just let yourself out and get your own identity.

Ador features:

* Make and post your own videos
* Scroll through other’s videos
* Merge multiple videos in a single video(it’s magic, trust us)
* Talent Competitions
and a lot more coming up.

Or, are you just bored? Don’t worry, we got you. Just open Ador and experience the world of entertainment on a different level. Access millions of videos at your fingertips for your entertainment based on your interests. Appreciate the talent of your friends, have fun, learn something new, improve cooking skills, and meet interesting people. Ador got everything you need.

We care about your privacy and security. We do our best not to let anyone bother or abuse you. Unlike some apps, concerned parents — or the users themselves — can set an Ador account to private, turn off commenting, hide the account from search, disable downloads, disallow reactions and duets and restrict an account from receiving messages.

We don’t want to compare ourselves with anyone. We are a new platform with a lot of better features and quality standards.

Ador Features:

* Post your own talent: Ador is a mobile app for making and sharing your own short videos. You peoples, the video creators have all sorts of tools at your disposal: filters; the ability to search for sounds to score your video, lip synchronisation tracks, etc. Let your creativity know no bounds.

* Merge multiple videos: This option lets you combine multiple videos into a single video. Are you a multi-talented person like singing, dancing, and music playing? Make all the videos separately and merge them in one single video to awe the World. Or are you a team of people who wants to combine your individual talents in one video? Ador is the place to go.

* Talent Competitions: Ador is obsessive in bringing the people talent out and identify the true artists. In order to do this, we conduct talent competitions from time to time in different segments. Anyone can compete with anyone from all the corners of the World in that particular segment. So, be ready to test your talent and become famous.
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