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George Narcisse
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Record your training set, weight and representative so that you can do it yourself every time you go to the gym. Keep your enthusiasm by storing your weight and progress in one place. Easily switch between different workouts and dates based on your needs or fitness goals.

Weight doesn't mean everything, but your posture will tell you. You should pay attention not only to changes in weight, but also in many aspects that you should also consider, including how your body looks, how your body feels and what your weight is lost – is your muscle still? fat. When you do intensity exercises to increase your muscle mass, it is possible that your body fat will decrease and your weight will increase. Therefore, a good body tracking recorder body change photo can effectively help you to record your body changes and progress.

Start recording your physical changes today and keep your body in shape!
What's new in v1.6
1. Solve the problem that the information note is not displayed
2. Solve the problem that the timer can't end
3. Add historical information picture data record
4. Fix some bugs
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