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Oystro: Meeting Scheduler
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Frustrated with too many calls, emails or messages on WhatsApp when scheduling meetings? Then, Oystro is for you.

Oystro is your meeting scheduler, event co-ordinator, meeting planner or event planner whatever you may like to call it. Oystro uses mobile numbers to schedule meetings, events, appointments or calls with friends, colleagues or business contacts on the go.

Meet people by creating a meeting invitation with a proposed date, time and venue and send it as a meeting request to get immediate RSVP. You and your invitees will get an event reminder or meeting reminder. You can chat with invitees of a meeting.

Oystro is ideal for planning a client meeting, a team meeting, a romantic date, play with friends at the club, a play date for your kids, an appointment at your local spa or hair saloon, reunions, private tutorials with your teacher, BNI and Rotary club events and much more.

Experience the cool new way to schedule all your meetings and meet people for a face to face or online interaction.

Download Oystro Now! Invite all your contacts to manifest it’s benefits for you.

Why Oystro?

FREE: Oystro is free to download and free from ads.

SIMPLE, CONVENIENT AND QUICK INVITES: Create meeting invitations and send meeting requests to schedule meetings with your phone contacts. If the contacts you want to invite are not on Oystro then as a event coordinator (meeting planner, event planner or meeting scheduler), you can send them a link of the meeting invitation via SMS, Whatsapp, email or via Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook for a public event. Your meeting invitees can respond (RSVP) to your meeting invitation without having to download Oystro.

AUTO TIME ZONE: As an international meeting planner you can set a meeting time in your time zone and Oystro will automatically show the meeting time and date to invitees in a different time zone as per the time zone set in their mobile settings. So if you are scheduling an online meeting with participants in other countries, each invitee will be shown their respective local time in their meeting invitation / meeting request for them to respond (RSVP) with their availability.

IMMEDIATE RSVP: Everyone gets to know who’s in and who’s out. Invitees click “Going” to accept the meeting invitation and click “Not Going” to decline the meeting invitation. Invitees can change their RSVP status from accept to decline and vice versa depending on their availability until the actual meeting happens. Oystro indicates accepted and declined status for each meeting invitation thereby saving costs, building excitement and improving meeting attendance. Your contacts who do not use Oystro can RSVP on the meeting invitation link sent to them via SMS, Whatsapp, email or via Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook for a public event.

GROUP SCHEDULING: You can add multiple invitees to a meeting request thereby making Oystro ideal for group scheduling. Oystro indicates the RSVP status so all invitees get to know who has accepted or declined the meeting request.

REMINDERS: Accepted meeting invitations or meeting requests are updated in reminders for an event reminder or meeting reminder. Never forget a meeting. Save the date for all participants.

FOCUSSED CHATS: Chat with invitees within a meeting to prepare or clarify details for an upcoming event. Don't get lost organising a meeting between too many emails, phone calls or irrelevant messages on Whatsapp.

EDIT MEETING INVITES: Reschedule meetings by editing meeting invites.

CANCEL MEETINGS: Delete meeting invites to cancel a scheduled meeting.

SINGLE APP: No need to maintain separate apps for personal and business meetings. Plan a romantic date, a play date, a reunion, a family get-together, a birthday party, a client meeting, an official team meeting, BNI and Rotary club events and much more.


For any questions, concerns, feedback or suggestions for new features, please contact us at
What's new in v1.0.1
* Enhanced app usage
* Bug Fixes
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    December 31 2019
  • New App: Free
    November 28 2019