Calculate My Age~ How Old Am I
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Calculate My Age~ How Old Am I
Khaled Khaldi
iOS Universal
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Calculate your age * Calculate the age of Gregorian, Hijri, and all different calendars

◉ Calculate my age, give your age in years, months and days
◉ Consider how many days have passed since your life
◉ You can tell me how old you are from the days of the week
◉ In addition, my age is calculated by the date of your birth
◉ The application can also learn about vital indicators

◉ Age and indicators can be calculated according to the following calendars
  - Gregorian calendar
  - Buddhist Calendar
  - Chinese Calendar
  - Coptic Calendar
  - Ethiopian Calendar
  - Review of Amiti Ethiopian Pain
  - Hebrew Calendar
  - ISO-8601 calendar
  - National Indian Calendar
  - Hijri calendar
  - Islamic Civil Calendar
  - Japanese Calendar
  - Persian Calendar
  - Mango Calendar
  - Islamic Calendar (according to astronomical calculations)
  - Islamic Calendar (according to Umm Al-Qura calculations)

»» Benefits of the program ««
◉ High accuracy in calculating Hijri and Gregorian dates
◉ The possibility of sending the result to your friends by text message or SMS
◉ Share the result with your friends on Social Media

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