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ZAAP - the smart approach to Pocket Money for kids

ZAAP is a leading edge digital tool for parents and children. Better than a debit card, it is a Mastercard Pocket Money Card and/or Wearable Payment Band supported by our innovative App.
ZAAP is a safe and convenient way for parents to teach their children financial responsibility and good money management skills whilst maintaining control and peace of mind.
Received or ordered your ZAAP? Then download the ZAAP App to get started. Haven’t ordered your ZAAP yet? Order today (link to order page)

The smart approach to pocket money
• Instantly transfer money from parent to child
• Safer and more convenient than cash
• Maintain control
• Can be used anywhere.
Take the stress out of giving cash to kids
• Know where and how much your child is spending
• Much safer than carrying cash
• Your child can only spend what is loaded onto the Card
• Peace of mind knowing your child can always get transport home
• Teach your child financial responsibility and money management skills.
Why kids love it
• They feel recognised and financially independent
• Build good savings habits
• They can design their own Card or choose from our card range
• No longer need to carry cash
• The ZAAP Band is easy to use - and it looks awesome too.
• Can’t get into debt. Can only spend what is on the Card

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Please note: You need to have placed your order for ZAAP before you can start using the app.
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What's new in v1.0.3
- Bug fixes and performance improvements
  • App History
  • Update
    July 27 2019
  • Update
    June 14 2019
  • Update
    June 11 2019
  • New App: Free
    June 7 2019