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IMPORTANT! This update of Korvpressor is AUv3 only. Do NOT buy or update if you're still using IAA/Audiobus 2.

Korvpressor is an adaptive compressor/limiter with an easy-to-use interface (a whole new take on how to tame a compressor). The compression algorithm is developed with transparency in mind, and this effect processor will sound great on almost all kinds of sounds; all from a vocal track to a full blown mix.

In addition to the compression unit there are three knobs for controlling low, mid and high frequency levels.

Noteworthy features:

• Complex compression algorithm acclaimed for its transparency and musical sound.

• Built-in 3 band EQ

• Dry / wet mix

• Intuitive and unique user interface

• Enable/Disable lookahead time

• Plenty of factory presets

• Three state attack, ratio, release parameters.

• Maximizer on / off switch

• Built-in (optional) brick wall limiter (at 0dB)

Check out the product webpage for a video demo and more info.

Feedback or suggestions? Drop us a mail: support(at) or @klevgrand on Twitter
What's new in v2.0.2
Changes in v2.0.2:
Fixed an issue when used as insert with some Garageband instruments.

Changes in v2.0.1:
App Store screen shots (note that the actual plugin still is v2.0.0)

Changes in v2.0.0:

Now only supports AUv3 (no more IAA/AudioBus 2)

Attack Time switch
Release Time switch
Ratio switch
Dry / Wet mix
Maximizer on / off
Make up gain (when maximizer is off)
Brickwall Limiter on / off
Factory Presets
Updated UI