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Hugo Cervantes
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Animal! is a classic "computer learning game" that may bring lots of fun, but also the opportunity to learn new things (like new animals, logic thinking, improve children’s writing/reading skills, etc.) for all family. The game is based on a very early example of Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm. 

How it works?
Initially, for fun and as an example, Animal! knows 50 creatures, but you can reset it at any moment to start only knowing two animals! The game basically works like this: When Animal! is played, the device will request you to think on an animal and it will try to guess it by asking different questions. If the device guesses incorrectly, it will ask you for the name of the animal you were thinking on, plus a yes or no question that will allow your device to use to distinguish between the animal it guessed incorrectly and the new animal. This way the game “learns” new animals, becoming each time more "knowledgeable". Chances are next time it will guess correctly!

- The game allows you to show the list of animals it has learned so far, as well as to "reset" its database to the original 50 animals, or just two animals, so that you can start over from scratch at any time and create your own database.

- When you enter a new animal, you don’t need to put the first letter in uppercase. Also when you enter a question, you don’t need to end it with a question mark. Animal! will take care of that for you!

- Animal! Does not require any internet or WiFi connection.

The logic followed by this game predates the personal computer (PC) era by many years, going back at least to the early 70's. The algorithm was originally developed by Arthur Luehrmann at Dartmouth College, subsequently shortened and modified by Nathan Teichholtz at DEC and Steve North at Creative Computing. 

The icon/image used at this game was designed by brgfx / Freepik ( who guarantees licensing permissions for publishing/sharing (
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