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The Paranoid Mama app very simply guides you via video on how to provide first aid to an infant or toddler in an emergency situation. There are short and to the point follow-along videos for infant choking, toddler choking, infant CPR, toddler CPR, seizures, deep cuts, and how to use an AED machine for infants and toddlers. While there are many medical issues and concerns out there for new parents and parents of active toddlers alike, these select accidents are the ones that in the moment, depend on the parent or caregiver to take immediate action.

While calling 911 comes first and foremost, your child may not have time to wait for medical professionals to arrive. When saving a life is in your hands you need a dependable source you can count on to provide quick and to-the-point information that is easy to follow along.

The app does not take the place of a certified medical professional, BUT it can help you save your child’s life while you wait for help to arrive.

The app does not take the place of taking a first aid/CPR class, BUT in the moment of an emergency it can help you remember what you need to do.

The app does not prevent things from happening to your child, BUT it can and will give you peace of mind knowing that this information is a single click away. We truly hope you never need to use this app: but if you do, we hope it helps save a life.
What's new in v1.2
Updated the description to be more clear for users and remove redundancies.
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