Green Card DV-2022
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Green Card DV-2022
iOS Universal
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The Green Card Assistant is a mobile assistant based on real-life examples of immigrants. Minimalist design will allow you to concentrate on the next goal and achieve success. The application consists of:
 - Steps. After 20 steps, you will learn and feel what it is like to fulfill the dream of a resident of the USA. After passing the next step, do not forget to note this in the application. How many steps you have to go through are indicated on the main page of the application.
 - plans. Being at any step, the application will offer you one of the ways to achieve your goal.
 - work searches. Today you will receive employment recommendations. Work in the USA is oxygen for any person.
 - articles. All answers to your questions are in the articles. 38 articles from life that will surely help you achieve your goal.
 - ours in the frame. Section with live video from our bloggers in the USA. They share news and tips daily.
 - settings. The application is offered absolutely free of charge, but in the settings you can turn off ads and support developers.
 - quote. 100 quotes of Great people who can sometimes inspire or suggest what decision needs to be made here and now.
- instruction. Within 3 minutes, the main properties and features of the application are shown.
 - on April 27, 2020 the directory consists of 13 571 words. Only 57 A4 pages set you apart from your dreams.
What's new in v1.15
Faster, better, more convenient.
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