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Audiobook Wizard
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Audiobook Wizard takes in any number of mp3, m4a or wav files and joins them into one audiobook file, complete with chapter markers and iTunes compatible meta tags so you can sync everything into your iPhone or iPad.

Audiobook Wizard is literally drop and go by making smart decisions for you.

1. Auto iTunes metadata tagging e.g. artwork, book title, author etc. Source files must contain metadata for this to work otherwise user can manually provide tags as well.

2. Selects the optimum size by splitting files too large to be played by iTunes, choosing the best encoding rate, add chapters markers according to input files provided and naming output files in best way for iTunes file management. It can also automatically add the output to iTunes library.

3. Simple operation. Default settings provide optimal experience.


1. Accepts multiple sound format including mp3, m4a, wav files. Also supports mp4 and 3gp encoded video files (only audio will be extracted)

2. Three encoding quality option
- CD Quality (128 kbps stereo)
- Enhanced (64k kbps mono)
- Standard (48 kbps mono)

3. Can handle mix of different audio format in one book e.g. mp3 + m4a etc
- Input files can have different bit rates etc
- Useful when compiling audiobook from different sources e.g. lectures, mashups etc.

4. Automatically and accurately generates multi volume audiobooks when necessary and tag each volume with track number so iTunes can identify the playback order

5. Automatic add chapter markers to audiobook
- Chapters named according to input source file title metadata tag
- If metadata does not exist, chapters named according to input file name
- Chapter names may be edited manually
- Chapters support multi language and mix language
- Easily jump to any chapter using iPhone/iTunes/iPad playback control

6. Automatic metadata tagging provides iTunes meta tags for title, author, comments and album artwork as long as source files contain usable metadata.

7. Generated audiobooks will work with iPhone, iPad and any audiobook format capable players even on other platforms.
What's new in v5.2
1. Support for Books app instead of iTunes in macOS Catalina.

2. Use of iTunes in previous version of macOS still works.

3. Build options changed. Please read the help file in Help|How to Use.

4. Fixed a serious bug in version 5.1 released just recently.
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