SAP Support Now
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SAP Support Now
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4.4 (41)
SAP Support Now is a mobile app designed to help SAP customers get end-to-end support while working with SAP products. It takes advantage of convenient multimedia tools and the flexibility on smart phones to make the interactions between customer and SAP support easy.

With SAP Support Now, you can log in in with a maximum of 6 accounts to process your incidents on mobile device anywhere and any time. Switch to another account with one click. Furthermore, when SAP support engineers provide any new updates, the mobile app will receive a notification to remind you. It has seamless integration with SAP ONE Support Launchpad. Incident can be processed on mobile or the Web as you wish.

Key features of SAP Support Now:
• Log in up to 6 accounts.
• View Your/All Open/Confirmed incidents.
• Provide quick reply or additional attachments for your existing incidents.
• Call SAP Hotline in incident details or settings.
• View the incident solutions from SAP support engineer.
• Close incident when it's on customer action or SAP proposed solution.
• Search incident by number or title.
• Get mobile notification when incident has any new updates from SAP.
• Share incident to other authorized colleagues.
What's new in v1.9.0
• Disable incident creation
• User is able to call SAP hotline based on the GPS location
• Reactivate the session if the mobile app is in background mode for more than 5 minutes

• Fix the "No authorization" message after confirming an incident
• Fix the "Clear Cache" and call CIC actions in setting page will be stuck after incident sharing
  • App History
  • Update
    August 15 2019
  • Update
    July 19 2019
  • Update
    May 31 2019
  • Update
    May 26 2019
  • Update
    April 14 2019
  • Update
    March 8 2019
  • Update
    February 28 2019
  • Update
    January 18 2019
  • Update
    December 14 2018
  • Update
    September 6 2018
  • New App: Free
    June 22 2018
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