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Fluent - immersive music
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FLUENT enables to personalize each track on the go, making it suit the current situation. It's similar to SoundCloud, but the tracks contain different stems for three variables: speed, weather and time of day. So the weather can inform the melody, while the speed can inform the rhythm. Or vice versa. It's up to musician to decide how the engine will use the data from sensors and APIs to play certain sounds. It’s about perfect timing, immersion and relistenability.

We're currently working with the most talented and forward-looking Russian producers, and want to build a global creative community in order to explore the possibilities beyond the static music experience. It's very important that they can add variations to existing tracks their fans already love (e.g. use adaptive versions for promotion of a new album).

We want to establish a more meaningful connection between users and labels by selling dedicated subscription to each label. Their will be tiers depending on label's popularity and output, but in any case it will have bonuses such as ticket discounts, etc.
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    July 5 2019