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The Alongsiders app means Alongsiders in your pocket.
The monthly training, the challenges, your group of 5, you will find it all: the app is there for you.
Nice and interactive.

If you have a question or comments, just ask them in the app.
A cool selfie with you and your younger sibling? Feel free to post!
The app is for every Alongsider!

Go through the registration process - that goes without saying.
Of course you must first have followed the online training and registered as an Alongsider.
Will I see you in the app?
What's new in v1.13.1
We have made a number of improvements in showing the group details and in admitting new members to a group.
  • App History
  • Update
    May 12 2021
  • New App: Free
    May 4 2021