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This application allows you to use the SIRI Voice Assistant to create questions and associated answers and store them in your private cloud like a Sticky Notes.
This app uses iCloud technology to store your notes. It is very useful for the professional field to take notes from your SIRI voice assistant and also useful for people with memory problems.

The vocal voice is record in this Application to retrieve any command to text format, its use Speech Recognition usage technology to retrieve in text format the voice of the user. Of more its use iCloud Drive of the user to interact and save any command by vocal voice. Then the Application store on iCloud Dive of the user any question and response.
All data collected are private for the user, its no share with anybody, all data are store on the Cloud of the user. Create your own use case.

This Application manage all languages.
Note: Always enable iCloud Drive.
What's new in v2.3
Graphical interface bug fixing
  • App History
  • Update
    July 2 2019
  • Update
    June 28 2019
  • $2.99
    June 26 2019
  • New App: $3.99
    June 24 2019