Insta360 Titan
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iOS Universal
Insta360 Titan
iOS Universal
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1. Control Insta360 Titan from your phone or tablet via WiFi. Remotely control Insta360 Titan for taking photos, videos and livestreams.
2. You can also easily adjust parameters, review proxy files, set up cameras and view information functions. Live Preview allows you to adjust the viewing angle at any time, allowing you to shoot 11K photos or videos with one click.
3. Ideal for television shooting, advertising, weddings, performances, scientific research, surveying and VR content. production.
What's new in v1.0.1
1. You can now shoot 11K3D/2D and 10K 3D/2D 360 photos with in-camera real time stitching. In addition, you can now shoot with Dng+jpg, AEB, and Burst modes.
2. You can now shoot 8K3D/2D 10bit H265 360 video.
3. In-camera real time stitching is now available for 4K3D/2D 360 video.

4. You can now livestream 4K3D/2D video with rtmp/rtmps,rtsp ,and hls protocols. Real-time output of HDMI pictures is also now supported.

5. You can now use FlowState Stabilization with Titan.

6. You can now shoot 11K5fps videos for Google Maps Street View.
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    June 19 2019
  • New App: Free
    June 18 2019