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Goal A Day
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Goal-setting is a necessary psychological tool that is essential for self-motivation in both professional and personal lives. It gives your actions a meaning as you work for achieving that goal. It gives you feelings of accomplishment every day. According to a research study, the setting of a goal is strongly connected with higher levels of self-esteem, motivation, self-confidence, self-freedom, and success.

'Goal a Day' is a smart and flexible goal-setting app that enables you to set a single goal each day and work towards it with focus and dedication.

Does NOT Overwhelm You with Goals
• Our mobile application helps you develop and complete your goal for the present and the following day without overwhelming you with long lists of goals.

Smart Goal Setting
This smart app enables you to set specific, relevant, measurable, time-bound, and attainable goals every day and for the next day.

Set a Single Goal for Each Day
It limits you to set a single goal for the present and the next day because people who focus on a singular goal are found to be more effective in developing as well as keeping long-lasting good habits.

Unique and Interactive Interface
It offers a unique and interactive interface with an offline tracking option so that you can conveniently keep track of your tasks.

Keeps a History of Your Past Goals
It also keeps the history of your past goals, which you can view anytime. This motivates you to accomplish future goals.

Get Metrics for Your Past and Present Goals
It provides you with some metrics in the form of reports/charts to help you assess your performance on the past as well as present goal achievement.

User-friendly App with Compelling Interface
Our app has a user-friendly, clutter-free, and aesthetically pleasing interface that keeps you engaged and self-motivated.
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