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Roam Around - Travel Anywhere
Gaurang Pandya
iOS Universal
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Whether you're traveling in a new city or you're searching for a new go-to spot at home, there's always something out there that you should be discovering. But where do you start when there are so many possible options?

Roam Around is the go-to app for finding any business, whether it's a restaurant, store, bank or even a service.

You're hungry, but you don't feel like cooking and you want to go try someplace new. Fortunately, we have Roam Around and it help us find the next hot spot to eat at.

There are quick categories that pull up the best results near your current location, or you can search for something specific, like a type of cuisine you're craving. Results appear in order of what's closest to you, and you can view by the default list or a map.

Planning a trip, be it short or long, be it for professional purposes or for fun, is a big thing. You have a lot of tasks stacked up in your trip to do list are to be checked.

But, thanks to smart devices we carry in our hand, even the most tedious tasks can be made easy or done with just a few taps on the screen using roam around application.

Roam around can find anything :
●Night club
●Petrol Pump

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