Treatment Pad
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Treatment Pad - Layout Editor
Ashraf Samy
iOS Universal
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Treatment Pad uses computer vision technologies to aid you in quickly generating before and after photos.

- In the gallery view first select your before and after photos.
- Then press the facial alignment icon to use computer vision to mark and identify facial features detected in the photographs for automatic alignment.
- Use the optional grid overlay for micro-adjustments.
- Tap next to either save the collage to your device or share it.

- In the gallery view tap the camera icon at the bottom to launch the layout camera.
- Select photographs to compare with using the left pane.
- Take photographs with the camera using the right pane.
- Both panes have the facial alignment icon to aid alignment of the photographs.

Pro Layout: Upgrade to remove the 'created with Treatment Pad' watermark.
Pro + AI Camera: Upgrade to take photographs with the camera and remove any watermarks.
Terms of Use:

More advanced features such as an automatic camera will be coming soon to this app after it has passed its clinical trial in the medical field.
What's new in v1.3.1
+ AI Camera - take photographs using previous photos as reference.
+ Bugfixes
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