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Use PushCart to create, organize, and share your shopping / grocery lists, including personalized reminders so you never forget anything you need to buy. And the best part is: it’s completely free, no ads, no need to create an account. Seriously.


MULTIPLE LISTS: Create lists for everything you need in the easiest way possible. Create and update as many lists as you need to consistently stay current on all items you need. Easily add and remove any items on your list with the simple push of a button.

PRODUCT / GROCERY DATABASE: Quickly add items to your list using the autocomplete function from PushCart’s product catalog. Find your favorite items from a drop down of thousands of products.

MARK YOUR FAVORITES: Mark an item as a favorite, to easily add to any list.

CHOOSE FROM HISTORY: Quickly add items from past shopping lists. Helpful, so you don’t have to enter the milk you buy each week.

TRACK: When you buy the items on your list, mark them as complete. Conveniently view all completed items, per list, to remind yourself on what you’ve already bought and track your progress.

SHARE: Share lists with your spouse, roommates, friends, etc. Sharing lists is the easiest communication tool possible to ensure you’re making the most of each shopping trip.

LIVE SYNC: Update and collaborate on all shared lists with our live-sync functionality. Ensure you’re always up-to-date and on the same page with others you’re shopping with.

NOTIFICATIONS: Receive real-time updates on items added / completed by your friends on shared lists.

REMINDERS: Set a reminder for when you need to buy each item on your list. Opt in to notifications for these items to make sure you’re current on your to-do’s.

NOTES: Write in notes, like store, size, etc. for each item on your list, so you can add any additional details to ensure you get exactly what you need.

FEEDBACK: Questions? Comments? Concerns? We’d love to get your feedback. Contact us directly at so we can ensure we create the best app and user experience possible for you.

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What's new in v1.9
Version 1.9 updates
• PushCart now works with Siri! Just say "Hey Siri, add apples to my list in PushCart" and watch the magic happen!
• Shop your favorite stores right from the PushCart app
• Updated reminders interface so that you actually never forget what's on your list again
• More "under the hood" updates and performance improvements
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    May 24 2019
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    March 8 2019