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TeX Anywhere
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With TeX Anywhere you can quickly create and share beautifully formatted mathematical equations on your iPhone or iPad. Equations are input using standard LaTeX syntax and rendered in real time. Once complete, an equation can be exported to other apps such as e-mail clients, word processors, or social media apps as images or PDF files.

You can also send equations to your friends and colleagues from within Messages. If the receiver of your message also has TeX Anywhere installed they can edit your equation, making TeX Anywhere a valuable collaboration tool.

TeX anywhere includes a number of advanced features designed to make creating and sharing LaTeX-formatted equations quick and easy. These include:
- a keyboard toolbar providing quick access to commonly used LaTeX syntax characters,
- dozens of pre-defined macros covering mathematical operators, Greek letters, and symbols,
- options to adjust an equation's font size, text color, and background (including transparency) allowing seamless integration of TeX Anywhere equations into existing documents, and
- options to export equations as images, PDF files or LaTeX code.

If you commonly use math to communicate, we're confident that TeX Anywhere can make your life better.
What's new in v1.2
New in version 1.2
+ Added a delete button to equation thumbnails
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    September 19 2019
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    August 13 2019