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Musify: discover new music from your favorite artists. Track releases of tens of millions of new songs and countless albums. Completely ad-fee!

∙ Explore & Discover
Seek out new releases from your favorite artists. Simple notifications mean you never need to worry about staying up-to-date with who’s releasing what. You’ll always be the coolest person in your friend group.

∙ Exclusive Features
Preview songs from directly within Musify. Add songs and albums to your Apple Music library without leaving the app. Even open songs and albums in Apple Music.

∙ Time Travel
Well, not really. BUT Musify allows users to browse a feed of past, current, and future releases! If that doesn’t say ‘Back to The Future’, we don’t know what does.

∙ Stay Social
Share newly discovered artists, songs, and albums with your friends from directly within Musify.

∙ In-App Purchases
Musify will always be free and allows you to follow up to 5 artists without a plan. If your tastes expand beyond 5 essential must-follow artists, you can upgrade to "Musify Basic" to follow 50 artists for either $0.49/month or $4.99/year. Still not enough? "Musify Unlimited" is our plan for avid music aficionados - as the name suggests, you’ll be able to follow ALL of your favorite artists. For $1.49/month of $14.99/year you can follow unlimited artists.
Both ("Musify Basic", "Musify Unlimited") can be purchased on a monthly or a yearly basis.

What are you waiting for? Get Musified today!

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What's new in v1.0.2
- Optimizes the "Rate App" functionality in settings [Thanks for rating! :)]
- Adds a vibration when importing finished

Thank you for over 300 Users! :) And thank you for all your feedback. Get musified!
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