Military Binoculars Real Zoom
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Military Binoculars Real Zoom
Victoria Muntean
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5 (4)
Military Binoculars is a real Zoom Camera + Compass. You can save the taken pictures in the app and also immediately in your iPhone.
The quality of the picture will depend entirely on your camera.
You can use compass for find direction North, South, East or West location.
Military Binoculars can be useful when you simply don’t have a real set. Although this will not replace the real thing, binoculars are convenient to have as a last resort. Now you can take and save photos of different objects when you need to see them closer.

This is really the best Military Binoculars you'll ever use!

Manually focus & auto focus and flash light.

- Extreme ZOOM!
- NSEW Compass for location!
- GPS location in your photos!
- Personal folder
- High quality picture
- Export Super Photo
- Enabled Password Protection
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    May 2 2020
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    April 2 2020