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Support your favorite clubs & organizations in a new and fun way

Zenith80 is passionate about sports and culture.

Zenith80 is a unique multi-player trivia quiz concept for members and fans of clubs & organizations, modern and easy to use, based on skills and knowledge.

We see our concept as a support for clubs and organizations in their day to day challenges. We do this in a fun way with a competition moment, played anytime, from anywhere.

Each trivia quiz consists of 6 rounds with 3 questions each. Each round represents one subject category like rock music, geography, sports, etc. The 3 questions have 4 answer alternatives with one correct. After answering each question you will see the correct answer, after each round you will see all your answers and at the end of the tournament you will again see points and the list with all your questions and answers.

Your club or organization hosts the trivia quiz, arranged for members and fans on special occasions and they also decide upon the entrance fee. The host builds the trivia quiz choosing the categories and the questions are randomly added from the question bank. The host should also add own questions considered appropriate related to the respective occasions

The host starts the trivia quiz at specified date and time and all the participants join and play. The score is shown after each round, as well as your ranking.

You learn by competing, you contribute to increased fellowship and you support your favorite club/organization.

Have fun!
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