Crash Dive 2
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iOS Universal
Crash Dive 2
iOS Universal
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5 (6)
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5 (6)
Hunt enemy convoys, battle destroyers, attack land bases, and shoot down aircraft in this long-awaited sequel to the best-selling "Crash Dive".

Take command of a Gato-class submarine prowling the South Pacific in search of enemy shipping to sink.

Sneak past the destroyers and torpedo the transports, or surface and engage the sub-chasers in a duel with your deck gun.

When the enemy planes come in on a strafing run, man your AA guns to take them down!

Evade the hunting escorts before they can crush you with their depth charges.

* Smoothly blends a submarine simulator with arcade action.
* Provides the tools for both stealth and offense; you decide how aggressive you want to be.
* Full day/night cycle and wide range of weather conditions affect visibility and weapons.
* Crew health and location-based damage affects the performance of your sub.
* Optional crew management and detailed damage control (or let the computer take care of that for you).
* Lengthy campaign mode.
* Random mission generator for deep replayability.
* Both randomly-generated maps and real-world locales including the Solomon Islands, Philippines, Sea of Japan, and more!
What's new in v1.0.4
• Improved deck gun accuracy
• Moved patrol area starting points around (further from edge)
• Removed dive klaxon & ship’s bells from underwater sound filter
• Added Info button to file browser items to view date/time
• Added “Save Game” button to game menu (so you don’t have to “Save Game As…” every time you want to snapshot your progress)
• Added support for modifier keys in keyboard shortcuts
• Added button to key mapping menu to export keyboard reference CSV file
• Added relative bearing to camera angle in first-person views
• Added numerical sub heading to HUD
• Added bearing to target in “New Contact” notifications
• Added depth indicator to torpedoes
• Added Option to disable double-tap rudder locking
• Fixed bug where timed toast messages could unpause the game while in menus
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    April 8 2021
  • New App: $9.99
    April 1 2021