Scatterbrain Audio Splitter
4.8 (22)
iOS Universal
Scatterbrain Audio Splitter
iOS Universal
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4.8 (22)
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4.8 (22)
Scatterbrain is a plugin audio effect (AUv3, Audio Unit), which chops up incoming audio into rhythmical steps and sends these slices out to multiple outputs in your plugin host.

Scatterbrain has 2 modes:

SEQ mode...
You can sequence how the steps are scattered over the (maximum 4) different outputs, or leave that up to chance.

MIX mode...
You can live-mix (or automate) how steps are distributed over the 4 available outputs and trigger stutter repeats.

Stutter and buffer effects:
Scatterbrain records the incoming audio onto a hidden internal tapeloop. Using the buffer effects you can specify the probability of randomly triggering slicer or stutter effects for an extra seasoning of chaos and mayhem.

Note: to use the multi-out effect, this AUv3 plugin requires an AU host which supports multiple outputs. If the host does not support multi-out, only the first channel will work.

Also note that due to the multi-out nature of the plugin there is no meaningful standalone functionality. You will need a plugin host to make use of this plugin.
What's new in v1.1.1
This update fixes some (hopefully all) little incompatibilities introduced in version 1.1.