The Prize App
5.0 (11)
iOS Universal
The Prize App
iOS Universal
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5.0 (11)
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5.0 (11)
Prize is a platform for connecting you with your favorites shops & restaurants. Earn points & win free stuff — all you need is a phone number to get started!

With Prize, you can:
- Save Money!
- Get free things and exclusive discounts!
- Find Deals!
- Connect with your favorite local shops through a mobile app!
- Track your points and prizes at local shops and restaurants!
- Find fun things to do with family and friends!

Why Prize?
No need to clutter your phone with countless apps that are either hard to understand, or don't work. No need to carry around paper punch cards (which you'll lose, trust us). Prize is the loyalty program for businesses that want to give their customers a great experience.
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  • New App: Free
    January 7 2020