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Argo - Short Films
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5.0 (207)
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Lose yourself in another world for a moment. Escape from the mundane and into the eyes of someone else. Short films are where innovative storytelling is born, and Argo is where you can find it.
Expand your world with a short!
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Argo streams a diverse selection of short films – curated by renowned film professionals, film festivals and filmmakers from around the world. Argo is a short film streaming platform and community, allowing filmmakers and film-watchers alike to connect, discuss and create.
Argo provides an engaging experience, professional curation, sociability and accessibility. Argo’s mission is to change the game for the short film industry by showcasing and creating a pathway for filmmakers and short film brands to have their own channels to monetise their work through revenue share tools.

For viewers:
If you’re new to short films: welcome! You’re in for a treat. Our library of the latest award winners is a good place to start.
If you’re feeling something specific, you can browse by genre, or filter by channel, film school or festival. Still unsure? Try a playlist or one of our recommendations – we won’t disappoint.
Argo also enables you to connect with your friends to see what they’re watching – you can even watch movies together in our online cinema.
Join us for live premieres from festivals around the world, and much more coming soon!

For creators:
The quality and diversity of fresh voices from all walks of life is enticing. Every filmmaker has a story to tell. And everybody wants to grow and emotionally engage when watching something new.
Argo welcomes submissions and recommendations for old, new, and future short films: big budget, small budget, or no budget. Argo is committed to providing a platform for the most impactful films out there, be it genuine fun or a serious conversation the world needs to have.

Argo is your home for short film, and it can also be the home of your short film too.

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