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Cleveroom: Kids Learn to Read
Artem Naseniuk
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Cleveroom is a fun and engaging game for children to learn letters and practice reading through dynamic play. We aimed to create an immersive fully-interactive physics environment for kids to spark the natural curiosity and increase their desire to explore. It provides a platform to grow children's imagination and creates a safe and non-intrusive experience through visual, textual, and audial images.

Multiple contact with the letters, words, and voice narrative provides background learning of essential reading skills. Based on game interactions each child has the opportunity to individually adjust their learn/play balance. Cleveroom is available in 6 languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, and Portuguese; which allows older children to learn new languages.

Our dedication to high-quality products and attention to details inspired us to create Cleveroom with intuitive and smooth interactions, friendly colors, slick shapes, fun animations, and original sound design.
There are no restrictions on goals or time when encouraging creative expression and open-ended discovery. Allowing children to find their own ways of playing is supported by unlimited variations of game situations. Cleveroom is designed to make children laugh and have fun while learning.
Our goal is to provide parents a safe, educational, and rewarding time-filler game for their children.

- Learn reading through play in a non-intrusive manner
- Immersive fully-interactive physics sandbox
- Supports individual learn/play balance based on interactions
- Learn phonetics, spelling, words, and languages in an easy and fun way
- 7 scenes containing over 150 unique objects to explore
- Immersive and intuitive controls to maximize the touch-control potential
- Localization & voiceover in 6 languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, and Portugal
- No restriction, rules or time limits to encourage open-ended discovery
- Safe and educational activity for children
- Best for preschoolers but suitable for any age


We are a young company focused on friendly non-intrusive games for early childhood education and development. We strive to inspire and gently endorse natural children's aspiration to learn and explore. We believe that kids deserve high-quality educational games.
What's new in v2.0.4
- Tutorial update
- Added purchase status popup
- Various fixes and corrections
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    April 15 2021
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