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MIQLAT is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that seeks to be a refuge for Christians looking for serious biblical content and like-minded believers committed to being the Church. It is a Hebrew term that means "haven." MIQLAT seeks to be part of a solution to specific problems in the modern Christian experience, such as the scarcity of academic-but-accessible biblical-theological content in church and creating congregations of spectators conditioned to think of church as a time, a place, and the gatekeeper for worship and ministry. MIQLAT therefore has two fundamental goals:

(1) To produce serious content for understanding the Bible in its own ancient context that is decipherable, comprehensible, and useful to the non-scholar;
(2) To network like-minded Christians who share a desire for serious biblical content for the purpose of fellowship, encouragement, and ministry.
What's new in v5.4.0
- You can now reorder your media downloads to listen in the order you want.
- Media search has been removed from the app header and is now in the left navigation menu.
- Messaging now loads faster!
- Better support for Subsplash Live.
- Fixed several issues where push notifications were not opening Messaging correctly.
- Fixed issue where messages were appearing in the wrong channel.
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    May 7 2020
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    July 9 2019