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Bible : The Greek Interlinear Bible Free
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Study the Original

Read the Bible in several different Greek Versions: The Byzantine/Majority Text (2000), Tischendorf 8th Ed. (1869), Textus Receptus (1550) with variants of Scrivener 1894, and the Westcott/Hort/USB4 Variants (1881). Parallel Versions are the Authorized (King James) Version and Young's Literal Translation.

Parsed with Strong's Lookups

All except Tischendorf 8th Ed. have parsed editions indexed with Strong's Lookups. Just press-and-hold on a Strong's number to search the dictionary. The dictionary is from Strong's Exhaustive Concordance (1890), prepared in 2006 by Ulrik Petersen.

Write in the Margins

Okay, not quite literally. But you can attach notes of just about any length to any verse and review them later. Or, if you want to read your notes along with the text, you can display them inline.

Search the Word

Full-text search of the entire Bible for both the Greek and English translations. Want to know every verse that contains the word "prophet"? Now you can. Note: To search for Greek words, it is suggested that you add the Greek keyboard to your device in the Settings app.

Copy the Text

If you want to copy the content and paste it somewhere else, like in an email or presentation, you can copy one verse, or multiple at once. The text includes both the Greek and English versions, and any notes that might be attached in the selection.

Online or Offline

The full version of each text is included within the application itself, so you don't need an active connection to the Internet to do your studies. If you are online, you can look up verses and content on various websites.

All the Features

Multiple Greek Versions, including parsing for three versions.
Young's Literal Translation and the Authorized (King James) English texts.
Transliterate the Greek into readable letterforms.
Highlight in Five Different Colors.
Bookmark any Number of Verses.
Create Annotations for Verses, and Edit or Remove them later.
Copy Verses (and Notes) to your clipboard for pasting elsewhere.
Look up Strong's words by number or by full-text search.
Layout Settings for Fine-Grained Control of Textual Appearance.
Export to iTunes / Import from iTunes for Extra Peace-of-mind or Sharing Between Devices.
Enter Full-Screen Mode for Even More Room.
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