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Catan Dice: Companion App
Eric Solberg
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Welcome to Catan Dice – a companion app for the physical board game Settlers of Catan.

As its name suggests, this is a dice app made specifically for Catan. It solves two common sources of frustration that almost every Catan player has encountered:

(1) Uneven dice rolls.
(2) Unbalanced game boards.


Catan Dice solves the first by ensuring dice rolls follow the expected probability distribution over 36 rolls. That means you don't have to worry anymore about that game your opponent's 6 was rolled fourteen times but your 8 was only rolled three. More fair equals more fun! (excuse my grammar).


Speaking of fair, welcome to the best "house rule" for Catan. Catan Dice introduces an (optional, but HIGHLY recommended) bidding system to determine the order players choose their initial settlements. Bid higher to gain the most favorable starting positions, but it'll cost you resource cards throughout the game! This feature is entirely optional, but it brings a casino-style thrill and an added strategic component to the game.

So, if you’re like me and you favor fair games with a bit more room for strategy, this is the app for you.
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    April 6 2021