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Museum Collections
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Raise the next Leonardo or Picasso with your fingertips! Great resource for art and history education at home and school.

Leisurely read about Museums, browse their websites, and browse wiki pages to know more about them. Raise awareness about art and history in your children and students. Enjoy online and offline.

And if you love any of the Museums, check them out on the map and pay a visit!

A great educational tool for art teachers, history teachers, parents, students, art enthusiasts, museum lovers, and world tourists alike!

- Local access to Museum descriptions on Wikipedia
- Curated collections in Science, Anthropology and Archeology - great resource to create interest in students.
- Access to 40 museums with offline access on iPhone and iPad.

Featured Collections:

- Each collection (In app purchase) offers unique set of Museums for your interest - be it MOMA, Guggenheim or Smithsonian!

- World Museum Premium Unlimited (In app purchase) Downloads unlocks ability download up to 50 museums at a time - with total 1000+ museums for unlimited time, up to as many as Wikipedia provides.

- Great educational tool for teachers, students, parents and art enthusiasts alike

How to use:

- Purchase the app and enjoy 50 great museums from wikipedia. If you love it, buy special collections that you like and access them offline.

How to use as an educational tool:

- Homeschool your children in art and history in the comfort of your home!
- Surprise your children and students with daily dose of new Museums
- Demonstrate new Museums daily to increase their wealth of knowledge

* Availability of data is dependent upon wikipedia database. If you feel there is error accessing, do not hesitate to report on our support website.
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