AI Sudoku Solver
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AI Sudoku Solver
iOS Universal
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Artificial Intelligence helps people think and solves hard Sudoku in an easy way. You only need to scan your Sudoku or upload a screenshot, then this app will show you all Sudoku results

1. Artificial Intelligence
Powerful by Artificial Intelligence and DeepLearning

2. Scan to solve
Input your Sudoku by your camera, no need input by hand

3. Upload your photo
Screenshot another app then upload that photo by this app to solve

4. Solve very fast
Solve thousands of Sudoku in one second

5. Find all results
One Sudoku could have more than one result, this app show you all of them

6. Show incorrect number
Check your incomplete Sudoku and show which number is wrong
What's new in v1.4.0
1. Add feature: solving one cell
2. Add rating app
3. Add feedback button
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    March 25 2021
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    March 6 2021
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    February 24 2021
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    February 20 2021
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    February 18 2021