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What is Ghost-Notes?

Ghost-Notes is a user-friendly, public-key protected note taking application. Each note is encrypted with a key-pair that is generated locally on the device. No two encrypted notes will ever appear the same, even if their contents are identical. This provides Ghost-Notes with built-in forensic counter-measures - further protecting your privacy.

Gone are the days of difficult to remember passwords. With public-key technology, encryption and decryption are seamless and secure.


- Forensic counter-measures.
- Public-key cryptography.
- 'Purge System' function will immediately, and irrecoverably, destroy all of the data within the application.


- SQLite3: All data stored on the end user's iOS device is kept within a local SQLite3 database. All data stored on disk is kept encrypted at all times, and is only decrypted in memory for the end user to view. For more information, see:

- Libsodium: All cryptographic operations are performed using the Libsodium library - ISC License. For more information,

- Libhermetik: An abstracted PKI management library, written in ANSI-C, extending the SQLite3 and Libsodium libraries. ISC License. For more information see

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What's new in v1.2.0
- Updated LibHermetik to v0.5.0
- Introduced backwards compatibility to iOS v9.0
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