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Smartletics Tempo
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Smartletics TEMPO is a metronome app designed to easily guide your exercise rep tempo. Whether you're perfecting your exercise set or adhering to a rehab program Smartletics Tempo make it easier to follow the correct timing for each and every rep. The design is simple and intuitive yet customisable where you need it. Select how you want to be cued to move at the correct tempo by selecting the visual, auditory or tactile prompts that suit you.

Smartletics Tempo Highlights:

* Visual metronome graphics
* Auditory metronome beep option
* Vibration metronome option
* Rep counter
* Customisable Warning time before sets & timer begin
* Customisable up, down, pause and rest between rep durations
* Change the order of the movement directions
* Light and Dark Mode

About Smartletics
Smartletics provide simple & digital athletic solutions. Either through smartphone applications of through bespoke software builds. Learn more at

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