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“Everything you need in order to hold yourself accountable and learn about your habits”

“Nothing is better than always seeing your record on the device you have pasted in your face all day. This creates a undeniable mentality that you know your length of time without porn. A total recommendation”

“I’ve tried a few others, but this is by far the simplest, most well designed, and overall most helpful app that I’ve found to equip me on my quest to quit masturbating.”

— Quiting porn and masturbation? —

Manhood is an app to help track and give feedback on your journey to self control and growth by reducing porn and masturbation. Some features inside are:

1. Streak tracker
2. Stats
3. Streak history
4. Stories

— Subscription Info —

If you subscribe to Manhood either by monthly or annual subscription you will gain access to Stories and Streak cloud sync.

Stories is a place to share your personal story and support others.
Streak cloud sync helps to keep your streak on multiple devices or if you happen to install the app fresh for whatever reason.

— Contact us —

If you have any questions, feedback or bugs to report please email the following:

Find our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use here:

Tip: Shake the phone on the My Streak page to open the end streak page.

*This is a not a cure for any medical conditions you might have. Seek professional medical advice.
What's new in v2.69
Minor updates and fixes.
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