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Waay: Learn music theory
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5.0 (165)
Music theory can be empowering, exciting, and one of the biggest tools in your creative arsenal. Whether you already play an instrument or are just learning, Waay teaches you how to stitch notes together into melodies, chords, and even songs. Read what experts and users are saying about Waay:

"The app is very smooth, and a great resource for learning more about music theory. I found the scale exercises to be very helpful, and I suspect I'll go back to them as a way of keeping those skills sharp."
– Sean Garland (App reviewer at iOS MARS)

“This is a really helpful app. I have been an amateur musician for many years and your circle of fifths explanation is the best I've ever heard. Thanks for putting this app together and sharing it with the world!”
– Tony Smith (Amateur musician)

"If you want a solid introduction to the kind of practical music theory that will get you writing songs that make harmonic sense, then Waay looks like a good place to start."
– John Walden (App reviewer at Music App Blog)

"If only the theory class I dropped out of was as easy and engaging! This is definitely the best way to learn theory. Waay to go!"
– Rob Davis (Guitarist)

“Whether you are a beginner or someone who wants to brush up on their music theory skills, I would recommend Waay!”
– Lisa Chan (Pianist, singer, and music instructor)


You're writing a new song, but keep getting stuck. What chords sound good together? What melody fits those chords? Waay helps you master these skills with its interactive exercises, video lessons, and progress tracking tools.

Waay teaches applied music theory—stuff you can take straight to your instrument and use. Want to know what notes sound good together? Waay covers that in the first course called "Melodies." Want to know which chords fit well together, and how to build any major, minor, or diminished chord? That's what the second course, "Chords," is all about.

Using a combination of bite-size video lessons and interactive exercises, Waay takes you from the basics of notes, steps, and keys all the way through chords, chord progressions, and more. The first course even comes completely free with the app, including 8 video lessons and 9 interactive exercises. Here's what else you get with Waay:

• Music theory tailored for beginners and aspiring songwriters
• Video lessons with many musical examples
• Interactive exercises on keys, intervals, scales, and more
• Built-in tools to track your progress
• No connection required! Lesson videos will download automatically as soon as you're on WiFi, and then you'll never need a connection again to use the app. Perfect for your subway commutes and plane adventures.

And here's what you'll learn:

Course 1: "Melodies" (free with app)
• 8 video lessons, 9 interactive exercises
• Notes and steps: What are the 12 notes in music and how do we talk about them?
• Intervals: Steps, half-steps and moving between notes
• Keys: Learn what notes sound good together and hear audio examples
• Scale building: Build your own major and minor scales from scratch
• Songwriting: Learn how you can use theory to write music
• Circle of fifths: The super-fast way to build scales… and more
• Melodies: How to apply music theory knowledge to writing melodies

Course 2: "Chords" (in-app purchase)
• 8 video lessons, 11 interactive exercises
• Chord foundations: Learn about thirds and fifths—the building blocks of chords
• Building chords: Build any major, minor, or diminished chord with just two intervals
• Songwriting: Hear how a song can be built from a melody by adding just the right chords
• Magic formula: What chords sound together? You'll learn that here
• Chords in major and minor keys: How do you find that perfect progression for your songs?
Also included:
• Relative major: How are major and minor scales related? And why should we care?
• Fast minor scales: Learn how to build minor scales fast

Get in touch if you have any questions. We'd love to hear from you!
What's new in v2.3.1
Hello! Here's what's new in this update:
• Waay is now optimized for Apple's brand new iPhone models.
• All lesson videos are now packaged right into the initial app download.
Questions or feedback? Get in touch anytime at alex[at]tenkettles[dot]com. -Alex
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