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We all know pets are a very big part of our lives. That’s why, whether you have a newborn kitty or adolescent pup, as caring pet owners it’s important to always keep them as healthy and as happy as possible.

Never ever miss an important vaccination that could save your pet's life! Happy Healthy Pet is a helpful tool specifically designed to keep track of all of your little companion’s preventive healthcare, as well as basic care, grooming needs and weight.

Happy Healthy Pet notifies you in time when your pet needs a new shot, new flea collar, nails need to be clipped, or anything else you might want to do. All in time to go to the shop to get a new flea pipet or make a vet appointment for the vaccines!

Have a dog, a cat, a parrot, a rabbit, a pig, or anything else? As long as you use health preventative care for your pet, this app is for you.

There is a list of standard health care items you can choose from, but there is also an option to add your own personal type of health care items. If you want to add "Buy food", or a special medication you need to give, you can!

Happy Healthy Pet can help you:
- Keep an overview of all your pets health care in one place
- Be on time with getting that new collar
- Be on time with making a vet appointment
- Be at peace knowing your pet's health is taken care off

You can enter an unlimited amount of pets in the app. You can add a picture to make the app personal.

Healthy Pet features:
- Have up to 10 pets (1 free, add-on available for more pets)
- Personal picture of your pet
- See your pet’s age
- Overview vaccines and their expiration date
- Track items you regularly need to get from the pet store
- Add your pet's grooming or clipping nails dates
- Send notification one week or one month before expiration
- Send notification on day of expiration
- Set the time for the notifications, in general, or per item
- Easy renewal of prevention items, or automatic if you prefer
- Clear overview of expired health care
- Clear overview of health care almost expired
- Overview of all health care preventions active or inactive per pet
- Automatic disabling of older health care items when needed

When you have a clear overview of all you have done to keep your pet as healthy as you can, you can relax.
Knowing you have done everything you can for your pet and you KNOW you will be on time to keep your pet healthy in the future!

Enjoy time with your pet!
Just have fun spending time with your pet, petting, and playing, knowing you have and will be taking care of everything!

Remember, a healthy pet is a happy pet!

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