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SpeechBuddy is a text to speech communication app specially designed to provide speaking assistance to individuals who are speech impaired, either temporarily or permanently due to Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, Strokes, or Seizures. It is available for both tablets and phones.

Users are encouraged to engage in the different modes in order to help them communicate with a survivor of speech impairment. When users tap a word bubble or image, SpeechBuddy will speak the words. If there isn't a phrase or word to describe their specific case, users can add their own!

SpeechBuddy has NO Ads, NO Subscription fees, and is designed to be simple enough to engage basic communication. It is the most cost efficient app of it's kind, and will feature updates as necessary. The application comes preloaded with common phrases, foods, drinks, and other items that would be useful to a person that cannot speak (or is relearning).

Key Features:

Phrase Mode - Displays a list of common phrases that one might say if they could not speak

Word Mode - Contains word categories to help narrow down a specific search

Picture Mode - Contains pictures of household items and activities that when tapped speak a sentence - these are selected by the publisher and will grow as necessary.

Manage Words - Users can add or remove words or phrases to customize their SpeechBuddy to suit their needs.

Users tap on speech bubbles or images to hear spoken text.


This app was made by one single human for the purpose of making someone's day easier. It can be very difficult to communicate with someone who has lost the motor skills to speak. SpeechBuddy can benefit those who work with people recovering from Stroke, Aphasia, or Seizures. If said survivors can still read, or recognize simple pictures, then they can use this application to bridge the gap in communication.

When tapping a speech bubble or image, SpeechBuddy will say it. Not only does this remind the patient what they need to sound like, but it helps the person working with them understand what they want or need. That's why I deemed SpeechBuddy the best Text to Speech Therapist! The tablet version is better for users who are visually impaired, though the phone version offers the same functionality in a pinch.

Consult for comments, suggestions, or complaints.
What's new in v1.02
*improved the description text
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