FCPX course, training
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FCPX course, training
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Hello, friends. I am a teacher of Mathematics, I have been teaching FCP online for the last years and now my lessons are available for everyone at a small price. Lessons are in Russian, but it also has subtitles in 10 languages, including yours, and the FCP interface is traditionally in English. Therefore, you can easily understand each lesson by repeating the steps. This course is cheaper than a pack of cigarettes, so do not be afraid to gain knowledge! What do the lessons look like? The presentation shows an example of focus after 1 minute 26 seconds it starts to explain the education process. As a result, the lessons show each step + subtitles in your language + FCP program in a common language = it is very convenient and effective!

Final Cut Pro X for Mac is designed for creative people, but consists of simple elements. The purpose of my course is to show you all the features of the program. Homework will help your brain, eyes, and trackpad or mouse cursor remember where a function is located. Thus, in 21 to 30 days you will receive the full baggage of knowledge of an experienced user of Final Cut Pro X.
All lessons contain practice, presentation and one of it we will mount together.

Final Cut Pro X video course from beginner to advanced user consists of:

Lesson 1: Basic Elements and Configuring FCP.
Lesson 2: Basic installation.
Lesson 3: Work with sound and GarageBand.
Lesson 4: Hotkeys.
Lesson 5: Preview and upload videos (Compressor), turn the video into a “GIF”.
Lesson 6: Turn photos into videos and vice versa, speed up (slow down) video and life hack.
Lesson 7: Inspector (Properties), color correction and stabilization.
Lesson 8: Plugins for FCP (titles, transitions, generators, effects). How to change the title using Motion.
Lesson 9: Hide or add an object (mask).
Lesson 10: 4K or FullHD? Green screen (chromakey).
Lesson 11: Processing video from multiple cameras (3 levels).
Lesson 12: Timer, Countdown. Transitions in layered videos.
Lesson 13: Second monitor (tablet), cons.
Lesson 14: Game map in 3D (Apple Motion).
Lesson 15: Features of video and audio synchronization.
Lesson 16: An example of editing a lesson.
Lesson 17: We mount a presentation video with tricks together.
Lesson 18: Mounting Instagram Video Together.
Lesson 19: What is the difference between an experienced FCP user and a pro?
Lesson 20: Completion.
Lesson 21: How to Improve or Ease FCP Work
Lesson 22: Travel Generator
Lesson 23: How to remove wind noise?
Lesson 24: Computer course on macOS

Almost at the end of each lesson there is homework that you need to do on your own. If you have any problems, I recommend you review the lesson again. Or ask me a question using the "Ask a Question" button, which is located on the first page of the application. In the letter indicate the lesson number and your question. In response, I will send you a solution, which is shown in the lesson at a specific minute and second.

Join creative people! After completing the course, you will learn how to create video of any complexity and after a while, having received a sufficient amount of practice, you will become professional. To create the same video card for relatives (to order) or to mount an exciting video from photos of a holiday for memory will be as simple as reading this message.

See you on the first lesson.
What's new in v1.11
Added 25th lesson. Final Cut Pro X 10.4.9. What's new in FCP?
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