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Navigator — Meeting Assistant
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Navigator is a teamwork assistant that helps people run meaningful, effective meetings. Productive meetings are an essential part of working together—but they’re a lot of work to pull off. Navigator is here to help.

Run meetings that begin with purpose and end with clarity. Navigator gathers agenda topics from attendees, tracks action items, and publishes meeting summaries—automatically. With Navigator, team meetings have:

— A collaborative agenda to focus discussion and capture outcomes
— Pre-reads, summaries, and reminders distributed automatically to the team beforehand, without the busywork
— Automatic task follow ups before and after you meet

Bring structure and intention to the time you spend together. Navigator transforms 1-on-1s by facilitating conversations that build trust, establish priorities, and foster career growth. For each of your 1-on-1s, you’ll have:

— Short updates from each other about what’s top of mind
— Access to questions designed to surface important challenges
— Prompts that build relationships and promote career development
What's new in v1.0.7
Some minor tweaks to a few screens
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