Style! smart outfit assistant
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Style! smart outfit assistant
iOS Universal
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Ever wondered why that trendy outfit you bought just doesn’t work for you? Why some clothes make you look bigger, tired or frumpy?

Tired of rummaging through the Internet, just to find tons of contradictory advises on how to dress well? Style! is the solution. Everything is here, just at your fingertips. No ads.

No long boring texts, no blablabla! Everything you need to know is just one tap away.

- Style! is a unique smart clothing assistant for ladies.
- It helps you choose the most flattering outfits, based on your body shape, skin undertone and more.
- Find out what suits you most!
- Style! saves you lots of money. Never buy clothes you won’t wear again.
- Find your perfect style.
- Learn to look your best. Learn to combine your outfits.
- Get instant advises.
- Helps you understand why certain outfits suit you better than others.
- Gives you the freedom to experiment and pick your outfits by yourself.
- Style! yourself. Fashion power in your hands.
- Re-discover your closet and make the best of it.
- Style! is easy to use.
- Your Style! is private, for your eyes only.
- Style! does not sell your data to third parties.

More exciting features to come. Stay tuned!

What's new in v1.1.15
- Critical sizing helper bugfix
- When selecting body shape, Request user to confirm measurements in order you use the full benefits of sizing helper
- UX/UI improvements
- Bugfixes
More exciting features to come.
Stay tuned!
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