Microcube 3Gx
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Microcube 3Gx
Hadi Abi Rached
iOS Universal
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Microcube 3Gx is our 3rd generation Smart Solution Interface , moving on from the home automation utility ,Microcube 3Gx combines several levels of intelligence and machine learning
To provide a seamless integrated smart solution platform.

1 - combines the traditional smart home control solution of lighting ,audio/video,scenes,with security,IOT, live weather Voice and logic control through our versatile Smart Hub,

2 - Security is our main concern , to address this we enable the user to work completely off the Net
All devices will work seamlessly without any cloud support , furthermore all accounts will remain exclusive to the end user without having to provide third party access.

3 - integrated online and offline voice commands , Amazon Alexa , Nest , Google home , IFTTT
Our devices integrate seamlessly with other platforms.

4 - Logic control for all sensors , each time a sensor is triggered or a voice command is issued the hub will decide against learned parameters on thee most appropriate actions.

5 - Remarkable security and alarming system, live remote monitoring over telecom networks , with capability to link monitoring over web master interface ,providing security to a group of Homes/Villas.

6 – Microcube 3Gx hardware and software is designed for scalability and will provide end user
With unlimited flexibility.
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