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This mobile guide will help you have a good time in Gdansk. It contains over 100 descriptions of places in the city, an audio guide and all the necessary, practical information - locations of toilets, opening hours and ticket prices of the museums. Everything connected to a map with the GPS. Sightseeing Gdansk cannot be easier and more enjoyable.
It doesn't matter whether you live in Gdansk, or just came here to sunbath, on the polish beaches. Whether it's your first time in Tricity, or you come here on a regular basis. Maybe you're here just for a football match with Lechia Gdansk? History seems boring to you and you prefer lying on a beach all day? It all doesn't matter. The app is for everyone! Even the biggest sightseeing hater can find something for himself in it.

Did you know that the Neptune's Fountain in Gdansk used to be colorful? I bet you did not! You can find this and more interesting facts in the guide.

- Over 100 sights & attractions
- 4 tours - your virtual guide will guide you all the way through!
- audio recordings
- a lot of practical information - opening hours, ticket prices
- locations of toilets
- alternative ways of sightseeing Gdansk, for ex.: sightseeing the Murals of Gdansk Zaspa
- little-known, but interesting sights
- 2 languages - Polish and English
- easy and enjoyable sightseeing of Gdansk, adapted to the amount of time that you have

No one likes looking for information in many different places. That's why in our Gdansk guide, all the information needed is gathered in one place! Sights, attractions, toilets and other important places are located on the map, so you can effortlessly find them! There are also descriptions of the sights in the app. You can either read them, or listen to the audio recordings. The information about public transportation (ZTM Gdansk, PKM, SKM Tricity, MZKZG) can also be found in the guide, as well as the knowledge about city bikes, scooters, cars for minutes and others.
Thanks to complete sightseeing routes, tours and the map of attractions, the app allows you to spend time effectively. It makes you able to plan sightseeing, as well as sunbathing! Gdansk is not only the Baltic sea and the beaches - it's a city rife with sights and tourist attractions. Neptune's Fountain and The Crane are just tip of the iceberg - there are many places that are not as well known as them, but not less interesting! You can find them using this audio guide. Even hotels tend to be monumental in Gdansk! You won't miss a single monument this time.

The Gdansk audio guide is available in two languages - Polish and English, so it's an excellent choice for foreign tourists who spend their holiday in Poland.
Remember - it doesn't matter whether you spend a night or five in a hotel in Gdansk, or maybe you're here just for a Lechia Gdansk match - the guide is for YOU!
Gdansk, which belongs to Tricity, is one of the most beatiful and exciting cities in Poland! If you still have any doubts, get this guide and explore Poland with us!
What's new in v1.2
Fixed audio problems:
- Audio is now played even if the app is in background mode
- Audio is now played even if the silent mode is on
- Audio doesn't stop when the user is watching photos
Fixed map bugs:
- The distance to places is now being calcuated and updated correctly
Added places thumbnails:
- Upland Gate
- Golden Gatae
- National Museum
- National Maritime Museum
- Amber Museum
- Jan III Sobieski monument
- St. Mary's Church
- Johannes Hevelius monument
- Royal Chapel
- Sea victims monument
- Olowianka footbridge
- European Solidarity Center
Changed photos of places:
- National Museum
- Jan III Sobieski monument
- European Solidarity Center
Added photos of places:
- Waterforge in Oliwa
- Naturalists' House
- Swietojanska Gate
- Oliwa Park
- Post Office Museum

Corrected descriptions of places:
- Jan III Sobieski monument
Corrected translation of:
- Baltic Philharmonic
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